What type of cost savings does DxD offer?

Divide by Design is the most economic architectural wall in the market. Adding the tax benefit of using our wall system makes us the opening price point leader in the industry. See more on the tax benefits here

What is the installation process like?

Divide by Design is the easiest and quickest wall system to install in the market. In addition, there is little to no mess as compared with drywall, and in most cases building permits are not required.

Do DxD walls offer Electrical & Data?

Divide by Design systems allow for electrical adaptations, whether included within the DxD system, or adapting to existing electrical systems in your space.

What door options does DxD offer?

Divide by Design gives the option of either manual swing or sliding doors. Using high end tracks and hardware, we ensure a high quality sliding door system. Our swing door frame gets the job done at a fraction of the cost. We also offer adapters for commercial door jams where needed.

What are my panel choices with DxD?

Divide by Design offers a wide range of panel options, including custom print, paint, glass (frosted or clear), and whiteboard options.

Does DxD offer floor to ceiling options?

Divide by Design has the ability to tie into any ceiling, achieving a fully floor to ceiling wall.

What separates DxD from its competition?

  • Cost:
    • DxD is the most economical architectural wall system on the market, coming in at 20-50% of most competitors prices. 
  • Installation:
    • Not only are we easier to install compared to competitors, but we are also much faster. With our easy to install panel and post system, you can have your space built in a shorter time without the mess or hassle.
  • Changeability
    • Things can change with your space, and we get that at DxD. Whether it is swapping a panel, or changing the configuration of your space, DxD can be in and out in a short time with little to no hassle.
  • Customization
    • With our post and panel system, your layout is completely customized to your needs. Our custom printed panel options give you complete control over the look and feel of your space, making it truly yours. 

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