"The Saginaw" - 6' X 6' Space

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  • 8 Aluminum posts - The new age design of the connectable post system also acts as a raceway for wiring and other products you'd like to hide away from view
  • 16 Adjustable feet built for both compression and free standing installation
  • 1 trellis ceiling bar for stability and option to add wiring, lighting, and/or ceiling tiles (optional/Additional charge)
  • 1 Full length door with locking handle (swing in or out)
  • 4 Frames to add stability
  • 7 Panels Infills 
  • 16 trimming clips for stability and refinement 
  • 1 external plug-in outlet
  • Prefabricated design and limited bolts for quick assembly, adjustments, and connectivity
  • Printing options available for almost any infill 



Interior Dimensions

76.5" x 73.5" x 96.5"

Exterior Dimensions

82.5" x 79.5" x 96.5"


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