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Innovating New Solutions.

DxD at the 2018 World's Greatest Office Party

Do What's Best For You, Now.

Unlike other forms of construction, Divide by Design offers you the flexibility to build as your current needs require, while providing the luxury of change. DxD's systems provides the ease of quick assembly, modification, and further additions.

Transform Your Space.

While the size of the building doesn't change, your business does. Divide by Design Systems allows for maximum utilization of your existing configuration. As your business expands, avoid the expensive cost and time lost of moving. Grow from within.

Our Design.

Our team of building experts and design engineers searched the market for low cost, fast build materials. Unlike others, we were able to find the perfect solution. Our patented interlocking channel design allows for durability, flexibility, while providing ease of assembly and dismount. Our patented posts fit universally and can be combined with common home improvement infills. The twist top, leveling feet adjust up to six inches to compress and mount. Divide by Design... Movable, Removable, Usable.

Build Simply. Compression or Free Standing.

Trellis Ceiling System.

Aluminum bars add stability, option for wiring & options to add absorption ceiling tiles in a large range of colors.

Aluminum Posts.

Scratch Resistant Aluminum ranging from 4-20 Feet tall.

Panel Infills.

Choose from Glass, Solid, or corrugated panels to fit your needs. 


Choose a Wood or Glass door refined with a locking door handle.

Leveling Feet.

Rubber grips protect your flooring & pivots to any uneven surfaces.


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